Lake Sludge Remover


💧Eliminates sludge or muck on lake bottoms to enhance water clarity and remove odours

💧Water soluble packs doses the lake evenly and adds macrobiotics to reduce sludge between doses

💧For bodies of water over 250m² 

Aquascape Lake Sludge Remover Packs eliminate organic sludge or muck from lakes and large ponds, enhancing water clarity and quality while removing odours. The easy-to-use water-soluble packs dose the sludge layer directly and make it easy to spot-treat or treat hard-to-reach areas.

This treatment works great on lake bottoms, beach areas, and shorelines. The packs contain all active ingredients with no harmful fillers or binders and an added carbon source aids in proper denitrification. Lake Sludge Remover Packs slowly release oxygen to maximise sludge reduction and include added macrobiotics to effectively reduce sludge between doses.  You will recognise high levels of sludge in otherwise clear-ish water, possibly with lots of blanketweed on top of the water.

What is Sludge?

Sludge is organic waste from fish, birds, water run off and dying plants that has sunk to the bottom creating that dark slimy soil at the bottom of your lake.  Because it is compacted, it is impenetrable to oxygen which means that instead of healthy aerobic conditions (presence of oxygen) where beneficial bacteria can break down the organic materials healthily, anaerobic conditions (absence of oxygen) occur.

This is where different bacteria thrive, releasing toxins into the water as they attempt to absorb the decaying organics.  They aren’t as efficient as aerobic bacteria either which is why sludge continues to build up.  The bad toxins promote excess growth of plants such as algae, which leads to excess death and an increase of sludge which is why it’s important to get on top of sludge before it starts speeding up the lifecycles of your pond faster than the Beneficia Bacteria can manage.  It may be worth looking at our Lake Phosphate Binder Packs if you are struggling with duckweed or cloudy water.

How do they work?

The Lake Sludge Remover Packs works in two ways to slowly remove sludge that has built up at the bottom of large lakes or ponds.  This is a less intrusive and less expensive way than dredging a lake but will take much longer, months to years depending on the quantity of silt.

Firstly, Lake Sludge Remover Packs add oxygen to the water.  This helps the healthy breakdown of organic materials that enter the water.  The beneficial bacteria within the water thrive on oxygen and consequently can healthily break down these organics faster.

Secondly, Lake Sludge Remover Packs add carbon for proper denitrification.  Carbon absorbs the nitrogen from the water which otherwise causes plants to grow well, that’s why we add it to our vegetable patches.  However, when the plants die, they are consumed by Beneficial Bacteria, using up oxygen within the water.  If there is a heavier load of organics to absorb, they are using the waters oxygen faster than it can be added.

The packs will dose the water column evenly and make it easy to treat hard-to-reach areas.

To boost performance, combine with Lake Treatment Booster packs to increase oxygen in the water, allowing natural aerobic processes to take place.

This treatment is for lake and large pond use only and may cause issues in smaller enclosed systems. Safe for fish, plants, and animals when used as directed.

Instructions for using Lake Sludge Remover Packs

How Often:

Use once per month for maintenance, twice a month for treatment in water over 4°C

How To:

Toss the closed water dissolvable pouches into the water.  One pouch treats 250m² and there are 192 packs per box.

Do not use in smaller bodies of water


Keep out of reach of children. Store at room temperature.

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