Lake Phosphate Binder


💧 Quickly binds large amounts of phosphate which feeds algae

💧 Targets water quality and clarity

💧For bodies of water over 23m² with poor water quality or high algae

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Aquascape Lake Phosphate Binder Packs quickly bind large amounts of phosphate that otherwise cause issues with water quality and clarity in lakes and large ponds. This specially formulated treatment will effectively reduces maintenance and binds orthophosphate.  Each tub contains 192 packs.

What are Phosphates?

Phosphates are naturally occurring in nature and are essential for the growth of plants.  However, decaying plants or water run-off can cause a build up of phosphates in sealed systems such as lakes.  When the phosphates become imbalanced, it causes excess plant growth, leading to low oxygen content in the water and a decrease in diversity and habitat destruction.

Healthy ponds work under aerobic conditions (presence of oxygen), meaning there is a healthy life cycle taking place in the water.  Excess phosphates can cause excess growth leading to excess death.  Beneficial Bacteria consume the decaying organics as they always do, however, this process uses up oxygen within the water.  If there is a heavier load of organics to absorb, they are using the waters oxygen faster than it can be added.

This can then lead to anaerobic conditions (absence of oxygen), where different bacteria thrive, releasing toxins into the water as they attempt to absorb the decaying organics.  They aren’t as efficient either and so leave partially decomposing organics at the bottom as sludge, adding yet more phosphates to the water, accelerating the process.

How do they work?

The Lake Phosphate Binder Packs bind the phosphate into an inaccessible form to prevent it being taken up by plants.  Simply toss the easy-to-use water-soluble packs directly into the water. The packs will dose the water column evenly and make it easy to treat hard-to-reach areas. This treatment is for lake and large pond use only and may cause issues, such as dangerous pH swings, in smaller enclosed systems. Safe for fish, plants, and animals when used as directed.

To boost performance, combine with Lake Treatment Booster packs to increase oxygen in the water, allowing natural aerobic processes to take place.  If you’re struggling with excess sludge, have a look at our Lake Sludge Remover Packs.

Instructions for using Lake Phosphate Binder Packs

How Often:

Use once per month for maintenance, twice a month for treatment in water over 4°C

How To:

Toss the closed water dissolvable pouches into the water.  One pouch treats 250m² and there are 192 packs per box.

Do not use in smaller bodies of water


Ensure water pH is maintained above 7.2 to ensure proper performance.  Keep out of reach of children. Store at room temperature.

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