Smart Pond Dosing System XT


💧 Automatically adds water treatments to your pond to keep water clean and clear

💧Eliminates the guesswork and routine of manually adding water treatments

💧Smart features to include connection to the Aquascape app such as low treatment

💧Great for larger ponds and water features

Maintaining optimum water quality has never been easier. To keep ponds and water features clean and clear, it is important to add beneficial bacteria and other water treatments on a regular basis.  The Smart Pond Dosing System XT is an electronically operated dispenser that accurately and consistently applies specially formulated water treatments, eliminating the guesswork and routine of manually adding treatments.

This innovative dosing system is equipped with a convenient low treatment alert that notifies you when a treatment bottle is 90% empty.  Using the app, you can control, monitor, and receive alerts on your smartphone or tablet.

The Smart Pond Dosing System XT is able to treat larger water features with ease.  This is perfect for ponds over 8500L, approx. 3 x 4m pond, treating a 10 x 10m pond for around a month.  Each system includes an injection-moulded enclosure with control panel, intake assembly, tubing and low-voltage transformer.

Multiple treatment options are available for a wide variety of issues including cloudy water, bad odours, and excessive debris.  This system is compatible with the 3.79L XT Treatments Clean for Ponds, Clear for Ponds, Protect for Ponds and Maintain for Ponds.  Sold Separately

Instructions for Installing your Smart Pond Dosing System XT:

Dig a hole near to your pond to bury the automatic dosing system up to the line marked on the side of the canister.  Place the clear tubing into the water and connect to a power supply.  

Program the lid to your pond size and add your desired water treatment.  Top up as required with one of the four XT Aquascape Simple Solutions.

How Often:

Program the system based on your water feature size with the easy to use control panel.  The app will alert you when your bottle is 90% empty.  We use the XT treatments with x3 strength for best value for money, just remember to turn your doser down! 

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