QuickFix Pond Gummy


💧 Rapidly resolves pond problems, including green and cloudy water.

💧 Innovative gummy makes for quick and easy application

💧 Targets ammonia, nitrite, and phosphate

💧 Helps control organic waste and debris

💧 One gummy treats up to 13,500L (approx 5 x 4m pond)

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The Aquascape QuickFix Pond Gummy is an all-in-one treatment solution for a variety of pond problems such as dirty, cloudy or sludgy water.  The innovative gummy makes for quick and easy application, dissolving slowly as the treatment is released. The Gummy effectively targets ammonia, nitrite, and phosphate while helping to control organic waste and debris. Each gummy treats up to 13,500L of pond water (approx. 5 x 4m pond)

What are Phosphates?

Phosphates are naturally occurring in nature and are essential for the growth of plants.  However, decaying plants or water run-off can cause a build up of phosphates.  This can cause excess plant growth (like algae), leading to low oxygen content in the water.

Healthy ponds work under aerobic conditions (presence of oxygen), meaning there is a healthy life cycle taking place in the water.  Excess phosphates can cause excess growth leading to excess death.  Beneficial Bacteria consume the decaying organics as they always do, however, this process uses up oxygen within the water.  If there is a heavier load of organics to absorb, they are using the waters oxygen faster than it can be added.

This can then lead to anaerobic conditions (absence of oxygen), where different bacteria thrive.  These release toxins such as ammonia into the water as they attempt to absorb the decaying organics.  They aren’t as efficient either and so leave partially decomposing organics at the bottom as sludge, adding yet more phosphates to the water, accelerating the process.

How do they work?

By binding the phosphate into an inaccessible form, it prevents it from being taken up by plants and so normal growth and therefore, death, is resumed.

Instructions for using QuickFix Pond Gummy

How Often:

Use as often as needed as a one off treatment for fixing dirty, cloudy or sludgy water or for giving your pond a boost of happy.  For the best water quality, follow up treatment with one of Aquascapes Simple Solutions of Protect, Clean, Clear or Protect for Ponds.  A drain and clean in the winter may help this problem from occurring next year.

How To:

Remove the lid and put the whole gummy in the water.

Please Note:

Most effective in water temperatures above 7.2°C. Keep out of reach of children. Store at room temperature.

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